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Paranormal Romance


As the only phoenix shifter in existence, I’ve always been the brother least likely to find his mate. Dying and being reborn every ten years has a way of messing with my dating life not to mention I can only touch, without fear of my fire causing harm, the one woman meant for me.

When a perimeter alarm at my family's headquarters has me coming out of hiding and back to Scotland to fight alongside my five brothers, but instead of my family, I find…her.

My fated mate.

A beautiful, curvy witch with an attitude bigger than she is tall and somehow, she’s broken through the spell that’s kept our castle in the highlands hidden from man and demon for centuries.

She claims she’s lost, but our mating bond says otherwise. She’s on a hunt for an ancient grimoire and when she refuses to believe the prophecy is real, my interfering mother, Athena, arrives and locks us down in the castle. (Yes, that Athena.)

As we remotely oversee the Brethren’s latest quest to retrieve mythical tablets created by my other-world sire, we spend our time bickering and playing strip scrabble as I do my best to show her what’s happening between us is real.

As we scramble to keep a demon bent on world domination from discovering her and effectively ending the prophecy, I know my time is short.

There’s no denying the strings of fate and I will convince Bex that she’s neither convenient nor without choice—that she’s my only hope for survival, for true love.

If I have to die one last time to save her, I will.

This steamy paranormal novella is set in the Gods, Monsters, and Magic world where six unique, and immortal, brothers fulfill a prophecy to save mankind from a power-hungry Duke of Hell bent on preventing them from finding their fated mates while securing the mythical Emerald Tablets which hold all the secrets of the Universe.

APRIL 26th

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